Get rid of the extra pounds with the help of citrus fruits!

If all you're stuck with some extra pounds, don't become a welcoming host, but take them off quickly! And some of the biggest allies are citrus fruits. These fruits arrive on store shelves today especially from Greece, Spain or Turkey, but … [Read more...]


10 fruits ideal for your diet


Fruits contain sugar (even if it is natural sugar), some of them in an appreciable amount so they are not the best choice when you want to keep your silhouette. On the other hand there are at least 10 fruits ( that you can always have on hand, … [Read more...]


Ice Cream in Lemon Bowl


The warm weather is just a memory but that doesn't mean we can't eat ice cream any more! And the ice cream in a lemon bowl is a great idea for a party dessert, because it's a easy to make and very delicious. All you need is your favorite ice cream … [Read more...]


10 unexpected benefits of honey and lemon

ginmger tea lemon and honeynew

Both honey and lemon, are acclaimed for their extraordinary beauty and health benefits. By combining the two miracle ingredients, you double the effect and get an excellent natural remedy that boosts immune system and helps in weight loss, among many … [Read more...]