16 fancy ways to wear a leather skirt


The leather skirt is one piece of clothing that not all women would like to have in their closet. And that's because it's rebellious, elegant, fancy and different and it seems to represent the personality of only some women. But the truth is, that we … [Read more...]


20 chic watches you must wear this spring!


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This spring wear a backpack!

Minimalist designs

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10 clothing items that are still trendy in 2015

Military style, back in the attention of fashion designers

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Why should you buy a leather bag


The bag is the first accessory that a woman thinks about. Not only it has to be beautiful but also has to fit with the shoes. A purse completes an outfit, and is very significant for the aesthetic of a fashionista who wants to get noticed in her … [Read more...]


Trendy and elegant Chanel bracelets


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Stylish jewelry boxes


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Friendship bracelets, cute and trendy


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One floral blouse, five amazing combinations

Floral Blouse and Jeans

We already know that floral prints are very trendy this year so we chose this really cute floral blouse and matched it with different clothing items. The result? Five amazing combinations that you can wear at the office, at shopping, at a coffee with … [Read more...]


Reptile skin accessories – a must have this season

One of the "must haves" of this season are surely the reptile skin inspired accessories. Either it’s a bag or a gorgeous pair of shoes, this autumn will be admired everywhere you go. So this season be inspired by this versatile and magic … [Read more...]