How to wear a white blouse in 2015

White t-shirt and torn jeans fashion combination

The white blouse is an article so versatile and easy to match, and it's no wonder that it's still trendy and fashionable. Here are 3 most popular models of white blouses that you can wear in 2015! White sport blouse The t-shirt is that … [Read more...]


The 70’s fashion is back. Here’s what you should wear this year!

Bohemian dresses

One of the main trends this year, when it comes to clothing, shoes and accessories, is the comeback of the 70's. Designers have already embraced it but the looks that they have created are less disco and more prog-rock, so we will not find any … [Read more...]


DIY shorts designs and ideas


Shorts can be the star of any spring and summer outfit so you should make sure you have at least one pair in your closet. But finding the perfect pair of shorts can be a difficult task, so why not make your own shorts, that will not only fit your … [Read more...]


Lace blouses, the must have of 2015


With origins since the antiquity, lace is a material that will be very trendy in 2015. Lace blouses, made in series or embroidered by hand, delicate, meticulous, telling a story about femininity. Hundreds of designs and colors available on the market … [Read more...]


Top 5 manicure trends of 2015

floral elements

A new year must be marked by a new look. If you do not have time or the courage to change your hairstyle, start with small things like nails. A great manicure can emphasize not only good taste, but also personality. Therefore, we will show you some … [Read more...]


Delicate lace shorts

lace (1)

If you are thinking about the warm summer weather or you are living in an area where it's still very hot outside, then a pair of delicate lace shorts is exactly what you need! You can wear them at the beach, at a party or even at a get away with … [Read more...]


Beautiful bow tattoos


Bows are absolutely adorable and can be worn on you clothes, on your shoes, in your hair or on your accessories! But how about wearing a bow on your skin? Yes we are talking about a bow tattoo. They are simply beautiful and elegant and chic and can … [Read more...]


Sophia Tolli 2015 Bridal Collection


The Sophia Tolli 2015 Bridal Collection has everything a future bride might need! In 2015 the wedding dresses are going back to the soft and natural materials, with beautiful details like lace and pearls so the Sophia Tolli 2015 Bridal Collection is … [Read more...]


Lace wedding cakes, the perfect touch for a romantic wedding

If you are a romantic bride, than you must choose a lace wedding cake for your special day. They are not only extremely chic and beautiful, but will also be the perfect touch. Choose the color and style of lace you like and you will impress all the … [Read more...]


Stylish short wedding dresses


The season of weddings is here so if you are having an autumn wedding you might consider buying a short wedding dress, especially if the weather outside is still warm. Many brides don't buy a short wedding dress because they think it is too … [Read more...]