Egg tools and gadgets you must have in your kitchen


Don't you just love eggs? They are delicious and you can make so many recipes with them! From simple boiled eggs to cakes, eggs are the stars! And of course you are going to need some tools that will help you turn the eggs into those delicious … [Read more...]


17 vintage kitchen designs perfect for your home!


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Kitchen window seat ideas and designs


If you have a large window in your kitchen and you want to create a beautiful and unique space for you or your family, than you should try a window seat. They are so easy to create, all you need is to find the perfect space and think about the … [Read more...]


Retro decor ideas and designs for your home


We often hear: in with the new and out with the old! But not all of us agree with this. And the trends seem to also not agree. In the last years, the retro style has made such a big comeback, not only in fashion but also when it comes to interior … [Read more...]


20 modern kitchen ideas and designs


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Beautiful rustic kitchens

rustic-kitchen (5)

Modern kitchens have their charm, no question about that, but nothing compares to the warmth of natural materials that remind us of the country kitchens we saw in or grandparents homes, so welcoming and full of goodies. Despite the technological … [Read more...]


Kitchen tools that will make your life easier (part 2)


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Colored kitchen accessories


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Apple green kitchen ideas and designs


The green apples remind us of something fresh and very pleasant, so this is a color that we could use inside of our homes to create a special place! We suggest you use the apple green color for your kitchen and you will see that it will simply … [Read more...]


Kitchen tools that will make your life easier

If you are have a passion for cooking or just for eating, here are some kitchen tools that will surely make your life so much easier! They are creative, innovative and some of them you can take them with you everywhere you go! Here are the kitchen … [Read more...]