It’s coffee time! (12 wallpapers for all coffee lovers)


If you love, love, love coffee and you can't live without it, than you are also going to like these wallpapers that we found for you! The moment you prepare and drink the coffee is magical so just take a cup and enjoy these pictures! Which one is … [Read more...]


13 elegant purple bathroom designs


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A beautiful day of Spring in pictures


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Cute sandwich ideas to try at home


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The most beautiful spring flowers


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Beautiful and creative street art blended in with the nature


Art is such a wonderful thing and when it's combined with the amazing power of the nature, true masterpieces are created. The most creative artists all around the world have used the beauty and the resilience of nature in order to make something new … [Read more...]


Celebrate Christmas with a Pretzel Cabin

decorated pretzel cabin barn & doghouse

Do you know how every year we make adorable decorated houses using biscuits and candies? Well how about this year we choose a more traditional house and we create a cabin using pretzels! Pretzels are so good and tasty and they look like the logs … [Read more...]


Plitvice Lakes National Park


Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the most beautiful places on Earth that you could visit if you are passionate about the lakes and waterfalls. This park is the oldest national park in Southeast Europe, founded in 1949 and also the largest one … [Read more...]


Trend alert: knuckle rings


Here is something that you also might want to buy and wear everywhere you go: knuckle rings! They are the new must have and everybody wants them! Even Hollywood stars like Rihanna and Heidi Klum are wearing knuckle rings so you can imagine why are … [Read more...]


Build your kid a tree house!


If you have a big back yard and you also have a big tree, than must build your kid or kids a tree house! It is so much fun having a tree house where you can create your own space, put all your toys and books and spend quality time with your friends … [Read more...]