Statement earrings are the must have of this spring


This year everything is bigger and bolder and if some year ago we wore wearing statement necklaces, this year it's all about the earrings! Yes girls, big earrings are the must have of 2016! And even if you might think that these type … [Read more...]


The cap is the coolest accessory of this summer!


In the hot season or when it's raining, many people wear hats or caps and this year it seems that caps have become a true fashion statement piece. Both celebrities and normal people are wearing caps with their casual or sport inspired outfits and we … [Read more...]


Kabbalah bracelets, what do they mean and how to wear them

Harry Styles

Very popular lately, as an expression of spirituality borrowed from other traditions, Kabbalah bracelets largely owes its renown fashion and enjoyed interest to the celebrities. It is believed that they bring good luck, protecting us against the … [Read more...]


Wear a blue jumpsuit with style!

Casual blue jumpsuits

This year blue is a hot hot color so we suggest you pair it with a very hot hot clothing item: a jumpsuit! Jumpsuits are also very trendy in 2015, especially the elegant ones, that you can wear at work, a business meeting or even a … [Read more...]


Studded flats, the must have of this spring


This year it's all about looking edgy and punk but still have style, so why not wear a pair of studded flats? Flats are some of the most comfortable shoes but they can become a fashion statement if you choose the right pair. Studded flats are a … [Read more...]


Trend alert: show off your socks!

How to wear socks and boots

A new trend seems to be winning over the hearts of the Hollywood stars: showing off their socks! Many fashion brands have tried to impose the combination of socks and sandals but this new trend is all about showing just a little part of your socks, … [Read more...]


How to wear a scarf in 2015


The scarf has been worn for more than 2000 years. It was in vogue at the Egyptian, Chinese and Roman Empire. From then until now, it has been used in many ways, that can serve as valuable sources of inspiration for current outfits. Nefertiti … [Read more...]


How to wear a casual blazer

Blazer are trendy!

The blazer is a basic fashion item that should not miss from any woman 's wardrobe. Such a versatile piece can easily change the image of an outfit and is a relief when you do not know how to dress. Stars often choose to wear casual jackets not only … [Read more...]


How to wear the harem pants


The warm season is reviving trends that we thought long gone. Besides the used jeans and flared jeans, harem pants are among the clothes you must-have this year . Even if harem pants look pretty hard to wear, you will notice that if you follow a few … [Read more...]