38 cute Easter decoration ideas for your garden


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Creative Easter decorations for your home (part 1)


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Spring decoration ideas for your home


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DIY decorations from recycled wine corks


If you drink a lot of wine than you must have a lot of corks left. But don't throw them away! Wine corks are a great thing to recycle and transform them into awesome decorations for your house. All you need is a little imagination and some … [Read more...]


Retro decor ideas and designs for your home


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Cool houses for cool cats


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DIY Christmas Decorations (part 1)


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Creative Halloween house and garden decorations

halloween-thanksgiving-fall-colors-pumpkin-garden-rake-country-style-display-front-porch-yard-centerpiece idea-collage

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Colorful bathrooms for every taste


The bathroom is the place where we spend a fair amount of time, so decorating it with things that reflect our personality is very important. A colorful bathroom says a lot about you, like the fact that you love colors, you are a happy and optimistic … [Read more...]