The benefits of one spoon of honey


Honey is the most effective and healthy natural energy source. A teaspoon of honey is a balm for the mind and body, and also there are only as many as 22 to 30 calories in a teaspoon of honey. A teaspoon of honey before bed will help you sleep … [Read more...]


Olive oil and eggs hair mask recipe

olive oil

A silky hair is a key ingredient of a flawless look , so learn an easy mask recipe with olive oil and eggs that will make you radiate at the Christmas party! You need: -1-2 eggs; - 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil. Method: 1. Separate the yolk … [Read more...]


Six natural remedies for sore throats

The throat is a constant problem in the cold season. But, we do have an alternative to medicines: natural remedies for throat. All of them are effective, are natural and have no side effects at all. The salted water: It is the oldest and one of … [Read more...]


10 unexpected benefits of honey and lemon

ginmger tea lemon and honeynew

Both honey and lemon, are acclaimed for their extraordinary beauty and health benefits. By combining the two miracle ingredients, you double the effect and get an excellent natural remedy that boosts immune system and helps in weight loss, among many … [Read more...]


Which are the most healthy sweeteners


Sugar is called " the white poison ", because besides being fat consumed in excess it can cause dangerous diseases such as diabetes installing or cancer. Who can resist a tasty piece of cake or cake ? The good thing  is that you can replace sugar … [Read more...]


The honey diet

Honey consists of a combination of natural sugars which can trigger metabolic changes that neutralize cravings for sweets. Replacing  sugar with honey  during the day and adding a teaspoon of honey in a hot drink before bed neutralizes brain … [Read more...]