Homemade coconut truffles recipe


The homemade coconut candies are a perfect dessert for everybody! You can make this recipe anytime you need something sweet but you don't have to much time. Here is what you need: 250 grams of grinded coconut 200 ml of sweetened condensed … [Read more...]


Homemade hazelnut cream recipe


The hazelnut cream is the kind of product that if you consumed once is addictive for life. Commercial products are good in taste but full of additives, sugar and very little cocoa and hazelnut traces. The solution is to prepare hazelnut cream at … [Read more...]


Homemade shampoo recipe, ready in 5 minutes


Homemade cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular, as more people understand how harmful are the chemicals found in the products on the market. The truth is that it's not complicated to make, for example, a face cream, lip balm or a homemade body … [Read more...]


Homemade ketchup recipe

tomato sauce

What would a slice of pizza or a bowl of fries be without ketchup? This sauce is customary in restaurants and homes all around the world, especially in the fast-food places  and has become one of those products that we can not break from. And because … [Read more...]


Six natural remedies for sore throats

The throat is a constant problem in the cold season. But, we do have an alternative to medicines: natural remedies for throat. All of them are effective, are natural and have no side effects at all. The salted water: It is the oldest and one of … [Read more...]


Fish fingers, a delicious and easy to make recipe


The fish fingers you find in the stores are pretty appetizing, but you try avoiding precooked products? Well, it's never too late to learn how to make crispy and tasty fish fingers at home. Here are the ingredients you need and how to prepare this … [Read more...]


Homemade delicious chips recipe


If you like potato chips but you don't want to buy the greasy and full of fat ones from the store, than you can make your own at home. This is what you need: potatoes olive oil salt and pepper a plate a grater a microwave Cut the … [Read more...]


Three remedies for tired eyes


After a sleepless night or at the end of a stressful day, the eyes are the first to suffer. Luckily, there are lots of solutions that you can use! Strawberry Mask Even though they are not always easy to find fresh you can use with confidence … [Read more...]


Home made treatments for blackheads

Strawberry scrub

Blackheads, also known as the comedones, is one of the problems faced by women, regardless of age. These occur due to the accumulation of impurities in pores and sebum to oxidize. To get rid of them, you have to respect strict hygiene some facial … [Read more...]


Homemade Fruit and Vegetables Face Masks

Seasonal fruit and vegetables are ideal for the skin care. The homemade masks nourish your skin and your soul. Prepare quickly, use immediately, and the result are great. Here are some of the best masks that you can make at home using fruit and … [Read more...]