Why should you drink more water every day

Drink more water!

Hydration is a key ingredient for health and must not be neglected! Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise it will help you maintain your physical condition. Many people take care of this aspect only in summer, but it is important to take … [Read more...]


23 surprise inside cakes you must try!

Surprise inside cake

Looking for a way to surprise your loved ones? Are you a good baker? Than you are going to love the cakes that we are about to show you! Yes we are talking about the surprise inside cakes! It sounds complicated but with a little attention and good … [Read more...]


Creative shaped egg ideas


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so if you are a big fan of it, than you should always find new foods to have for breakfast. Of course the presentation is also very very important so today we want to show you something that will make … [Read more...]


Creative coffee art

latte-art (1)

Who doesn't love coffee? Either we drink it at home with our family or at a restaurant with our friends, a coffee is always welcomed. But some people have taken coffee to another level, by transforming it into real art. These artists create … [Read more...]