Why should we eat more whole grains


Believe it or not, cereals are your best friend! No, we are not talking about the ones you buy in a pretty, colorful box from your supermarket, but about the natural and healthy ones known as whole grains. They are not as tasty or good looking as … [Read more...]


The benefits of black pepper

Eat more black pepper!

The pepper is a source of flavor and a real medicine. Adding pepper in food is already a reflex, often without having to be aware of its effects on our health. Black pepper is the most common of spices and also a natural antibiotic, source of … [Read more...]


The many benefits of the cinnamon

The cinnamon is great for your health!

Cinnamon was the star of the holiday table in the Middle Ages: it fragrance the wine goblets, ennoble the sweet sauces and offers a tantalizing taste to any steak. And it is also known for the excellent antibacterial properties. Here are some other … [Read more...]


5 seeds you must eat every day

Flax seed

They are full of dietary fiber, protein, iron and especially healthy fats. So why do don't you throw them over anything your cook? Whether salads, smoothies, omelets or baked foods - use them fully, like the nutrition experts recommend you. 1. … [Read more...]


The benefits of milk for your health and beauty


Milk  contains many nutrients that are beneficial for everyone's health. Regular consumption of milk is a medical recommendation for daily diet. You should know that in addition to health benefits, milk is an excellent aid for beauty treatments. So … [Read more...]


Get rid of the extra pounds with the help of citrus fruits!

If all you're stuck with some extra pounds, don't become a welcoming host, but take them off quickly! And some of the biggest allies are citrus fruits. These fruits arrive on store shelves today especially from Greece, Spain or Turkey, but … [Read more...]


Four miraculous oils for your beauty and health

Sea buckthorn oil

Vegetable or essential oils can be used for aromatherapy  to treat various diseases or for skin care. Of the many existing oils, we chose some, true wonders of nature. Follow our advice and use it with confidence! Coconut oil It contains … [Read more...]


Why should we eat bananas every day


Bananas contain three natural sugars - sucrose, fructose and glucose combined with fiber. This special combination gives you instant energy. Also, researchers have shown that two bananas provide enough energy for a strenuous 90-minute workout. But … [Read more...]


Basic rules for your January diet

Not accidentally January is synonymous with diet. Consequently there are some basic rules of diet in January, which we can help us lose weight, with benefits to the overall tone and health. Give up counting calories. The rule says eat slowly, … [Read more...]


The benefits of one spoon of honey


Honey is the most effective and healthy natural energy source. A teaspoon of honey is a balm for the mind and body, and also there are only as many as 22 to 30 calories in a teaspoon of honey. A teaspoon of honey before bed will help you sleep … [Read more...]