Miche – one bag, endless possibilities

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Every year something new appears in fashion and women all around the world rush to buy clothes, bags and shoes that will fit with the new trends. And the reality is that at some point, we have to give up the old things to make room for the new … [Read more...]


Kate Spade handbags – style and personality

Kate Spade handbags are a must have of this season that can not miss from your wardrobe. They are so unique and trendy, yet so stylish and fun, that you will surely get a lot of compliments from everybody! They come in great colors like green and … [Read more...]


Ten Beautiful Jessica Simpson Handbags

Jessica Simpson is not only an accomplished actress and singer, but she also has a beautiful line of shoes and handbags. Here are our favorite handbags from the Jessica's Simpson new handbags collection. You can find out more out the prices, … [Read more...]