Amazing Halloween costumes for women to wear in 2015

Halloween will be here in just a month so it's time to choose your costume! Either you want to be a Disney character or a cute animal, this year the offer is greater then ever. On there is special shop dedicated to Halloween costumes for … [Read more...]


Adorable owl nail designs


Owls have become a very popular symbol over the last year, as we can see them on clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and jewelry! So of course, the next step is to wear little and adorable owls on our nails! The process is simple! Just pick your … [Read more...]


Creative Halloween house and garden decorations

halloween-thanksgiving-fall-colors-pumpkin-garden-rake-country-style-display-front-porch-yard-centerpiece idea-collage

Halloween is almost here, so are guys getting ready? Costumes, candies and decorations, you still have time for them all. Also don't forget about decorating your house for the Halloween! You can find numerous ideas on the internet that will help you … [Read more...]


Classic Halloween costumes for women


Halloween is just around the corner so we might start preparing our costumes for the party. Fairies, witches, ghosts or pirates, no matter which of these is your favorite character, Halloween is a great way to express your personality. We found on … [Read more...]


Creative autumn decorations for your garden


Autumn is here and she brought with her the beautiful colors and scents that we all love. The trees have changed their summer clothes and the sky is mostly grey, but this is no reason not to enjoy autumn. There are so many things that you can make … [Read more...]