Why should you use coconut oil


Coconut oil is considered a miracle of nature for its amazing qualities. In addition coconut successfully replaces other products used in the household, as a more affordable alternative for healthy food and personal care. Coconut oil is ideal for … [Read more...]


17 modern and trendy ombre red looks


Looking for a change? Why don't you color your hair in a modern and trendy shade like red? And if that is not enough for you, go for something bolder and choose an ombre red look! There are two ways to create this look. One is to have red as a main … [Read more...]


Four miraculous oils for your beauty and health

Sea buckthorn oil

Vegetable or essential oils can be used for aromatherapy  to treat various diseases or for skin care. Of the many existing oils, we chose some, true wonders of nature. Follow our advice and use it with confidence! Coconut oil It contains … [Read more...]


Hair color trends for 2015


Do you want to change the color of the hair next year, but do not know what hair colors  will be worn in 2015? Surely in such moments you wish you can sneak backstage at fashion shows and see the new trends in hairstyle. Well, we come to your help … [Read more...]


The benefits of olive oil for our skin and hair


Olive oil is considered to be a true miracle for our health, being appreciated by specialists in the field of beauty, which does not cease to praise the benefits of this "liquid gold" for our skin and hair. Olive oil is used since ancient times due … [Read more...]


Natural treatments for hair growth


The hair is considered, one of the attributes of femininity. We are proud of our hair and care for it as we know better, but sometimes we would like to grow faster. Indeed, stimulation of hair growth begins with ensuring the best possible … [Read more...]


Gorgeous bride hair updo


We all want to look amazing on our wedding day and the hair it's a very important part of our bridal look. Lately many brides choose to arrange their hair in an elegant bun and to add chic accessories like flowers and tiaras. The hair updo is an … [Read more...]


Modern head and hair accessories

Head and hair accessories

Either you have long, medium or short hair, you must like arranging it in all the ways possible! Let's admit it! We love doing something different to our hair all the time, something that will surprise everybody! Our biggest allies in this … [Read more...]


Romantic Bun Bridal Hair Style


If you are getting ready for the most special day of your life when you are going to be a bride, than you know just how many details must be sorted out. The dress, the shoes, the cake, the food, and so on but most of all you must think about your … [Read more...]


Modern highlights for blonde hair


If you have blonde hair and you want a change, highlights are a great choice. Today we are going to show you some highlights ideas that go perfectly with blonde hair, without making it look bad or over the top. A good advice is to talk to a … [Read more...]