Beautiful green smokey eye makeup ideas to try in 2016


The weekend is almost here so if you are planning to go to a party and you want to try a new makeup idea, then you are going to love the suggestion that I have for you. The green smokey eye makeup is really trendy right now and is really easy to … [Read more...]


Ariel prom dress designs


If Ariel, the adorable little mermaid from the Disney movie is your favorite character than choosing a prom dress that resembles her style will be no problem! Designers have already given a lot of thought and created beautiful dresses that remind us … [Read more...]


Five onion types and how you should use them when cooking


There are no strict rules on how to use an onion, but there are some secrets that you can use if you want to turn this food into something delicious, because although all seem the same, some types of onions are better than others for certain recipes. … [Read more...]


Redecorating your bedroom? Here are the most trendy colors in 2015!

Mediterranean blue bedroom

If you want to redecorate your bedroom now at the beginning of the year, than you must know that there are some colors that you must use! So we made a list of the colors you can use in 2015 to create a beautiful and warm bedroom for you and your … [Read more...]


Apple green kitchen ideas and designs


The green apples remind us of something fresh and very pleasant, so this is a color that we could use inside of our homes to create a special place! We suggest you use the apple green color for your kitchen and you will see that it will simply … [Read more...]


Christmas tree nail designs


Getting ready for the winter celebrations? If you haven't started yet, than you should definitely start right now! There are so many things to take in consideration, like the perfect party outfit, the presents for your loved ones, the food for the … [Read more...]


Outfit of the Day (October 22nd, 2014)

Cute green fashion combination

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Trendy cheetah manicures


Animal print has become the must have of the last years and now we can find it everywhere from clothes to furniture to accessories and nails. One of the most appreciated animal print is the cheetah so more and more women have used this print for … [Read more...]


Nike Air Max Thea running shoes for women


The Nike Air Max Thea are the perfect running shoes for women! They are not only very comfortable but also very feminine and trendy! Here are some of their qualities: they are synthetic they have rubber sole they are lighter than … [Read more...]


Colorful running shoes for women


Running is very good for your health and your body so if you are looking for a workout, this is a great option. If you have time you can go running in the morning when the weather is not to hot but in the evening is just as better. If you want to … [Read more...]