Five makeup trends you must try in 2015!

Earthy shades

Even if the winter is still here, we should start thinking about spring. And of course spring means chic and casual outfits! But no outfit is complete without a great makeup! So here are the five makeup trends that you should try in 2015. Blue … [Read more...]


Beautiful sparkling golden shoes


Golden shoes are some of the most beautiful and trendy shoes that you can have in your wardrobe. You can wear them at a party or at a wedding with your favorite dress and some other golden beautiful accessories like a clutch or a necklace. These … [Read more...]


Golden milk, recipe and benefits

The main ingredient in the Golden milk¬†is turmeric . Turmeric contains curcumin or turmeric, a polyphenol identified as a highly active nutrient and presenting hundreds of health benefits from antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory and … [Read more...]


Make Up Trends (Fall 2013)


This fall you can look fabulous by using one of these amazing make up ideas! So either you are preparing for a day at the office or going out in the club with your friends, choose the one make up that suits you best! Golden MakeUp¬† Go all the … [Read more...]