20 chic watches you must wear this spring!


The watch has become more than a simple object that shows us the time, but a true jewelry piece that we match to our clothes and accessories. That's why designers from the most prestigious watch companies are trying to bring new models in order to … [Read more...]


Butterfly rings – romantic, fun and trendy!


We wear rings to make our hands look beautiful and to complete our outfits. And if you are a romantic person, than you know that the perfect rings can not only be a part of your outfit, but also they can talk about who you are and what your passions … [Read more...]


Beautiful sparkling golden shoes


Golden shoes are some of the most beautiful and trendy shoes that you can have in your wardrobe. You can wear them at a party or at a wedding with your favorite dress and some other golden beautiful accessories like a clutch or a necklace. These … [Read more...]


10 beautiful accessories to wear with your little black dress

The perfect accessories for the little black dress

The little black dress is among the clothes that will not go out of style. Although it gives the impression that it is a simple, monotonous dress, which doesn't stand out, there are some tricks of style that transforms it into an instant fashion … [Read more...]


Beautiful vintage rings


There is a great interest for everything vintage, from furniture to clothes and accessories. Ring especially are extremely wanted, because they remind us of the beauty and the elegance of the old times. If you are looking for a vintage ring, you … [Read more...]


Wear a toe ring!


Do you like wearing rings? Rings are very elegant and chic and they are the perfect accessory for any outfit! Lately, the toe rings have also became very popular, especially for the women living in a very warm area. The best time to wear a toe ring … [Read more...]


Trendy and elegant Chanel bracelets


If you want to be trendy, modern and elegant than you must have at least one Chanel bracelet! Either it's made from leather, gold, silver or pearls, the Chanel bracelets have taken over the world and everybody want to have one. You can easily see … [Read more...]


Chic Bracelet Rings


If you are a chic, elegant, trendy person, you know how important are the accessories. They can make or break an outfit so choose wisely the accessories you are going to wear. When choosing you accessories, think about what they say about you and … [Read more...]


Trend alert: knuckle rings


Here is something that you also might want to buy and wear everywhere you go: knuckle rings! They are the new must have and everybody wants them! Even Hollywood stars like Rihanna and Heidi Klum are wearing knuckle rings so you can imagine why are … [Read more...]


Glamorous gold high heels

Gold High Heels

Gold high heels are a great addition to your wardrobe. You can wear gold high heels at a party, a wedding and even at the office if they are not to shiny. They go great with a short and sexy dress and also don't forget to add matching golden … [Read more...]