Sparkling manicures for a sparkling summer


Get ready for a summer full of sun and fun by wearing a sparkling nail polish! Glitter is so trendy and your nails will look amazing! You can opt for a nail polish that has lots of colorful glitter in it or you can just add some glitter at the … [Read more...]


Amazing black matte manicures with special effects


Matte nail polish is a very good choice if you want your nails to look amazing, during the day and the night time. With the help of the matte nail polish you can create special manicure designs, and you will receive many compliments. And if you are … [Read more...]


Pretty gold manicures


Gold nails are simply fabulous! It's true that you can not wear them everywhere but they go great at a party like a wedding. Of course you can also wear them at a get away with your friends or at the office if the dress code allows it. You can add … [Read more...]


French Tip Nails with Glitter


If you like both the French manicure and glitter, than you can have them both in one amazing and trendy manicure style. The principle behind it is just the same as in a normal French manicure, except the fact that the tips of the nails are made with … [Read more...]


Sparkling nails ideas


Sparkling nails are a great idea if you really want to shine everywhere you go! They are so easy to create and all eyes will be on your nails! For a more subtle ¬†approach you can use a glitter nail polish that will create the effect of sparkles. If … [Read more...]


Beautiful Manicures with Glitter


Do you want to look amazing and stand out when you go to a party or a special event? Then you should pay attention to details. Besides the accessories you must take care of your nails. We propose so manicures easy to make and very effective that will … [Read more...]


Fall 2013 Nail Polish Trends

Beautiful nails can make your everyday outfit even more attractive. It is very important to take care of your nails but also to choose a manicure according to the trends. This autumn you have so many options, either you choose a simple monochromatic … [Read more...]