The diet that makes you younger


Sitting on the couch and eating everything we like will never help us loose those extra pounds. But with some will and some effort, we could live a healthy life and have a great body. Food is so important in our lives so it's no wonder that it … [Read more...]


DIY Foods (part 1)


There are certain recipes that you see on the internet or at the restaurant and you wish you could make them at home. But we bet you think that they are very difficult to make and you surely need many ingredients that you don't have. The reality is … [Read more...]


19 creative packaging ideas you must see!


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Creative food ideas from Nivea Salgado


Some of the kids are really picky eaters and whatever we do, they refuse to eat different food, especially fruits and vegetables. And this is what happened to Nivea Salgado. After her daughter Catarina stated to sleep well at night, she went from a … [Read more...]


Five onion types and how you should use them when cooking


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7 foods you should eat for a healthy life


If you want to have a healthy life, then you should ensure that your diet is balanced. We are accustomed to certain food categories, tasty but less healthy, and we ignore the ones with real health benefits. Here are some good foods that you should … [Read more...]


5 seeds you must eat every day

Flax seed

They are full of dietary fiber, protein, iron and especially healthy fats. So why do don't you throw them over anything your cook? Whether salads, smoothies, omelets or baked foods - use them fully, like the nutrition experts recommend you. 1. … [Read more...]


Five cities to visit in 2015 if you are a true foodie


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The best sources of vitamin D in the winter


Vitamin D is produced by our body under the influence of sunlight, and in the absence of the sun in the winter time we can take the vitamin D from the food. Under these conditions, in winter we should eat foods rich in vitamin D to fill the deficit … [Read more...]


Adorable rainbow cupcakes


Cupcakes are delicious and also the perfect dessert at any meal or a party. Add some colors and you can create adorable rainbow cupcakes that are perfect for a rainbow themed birthday party or a baby shower. To create a rainbow cupcake you can use … [Read more...]