23 beautiful wedding bouquets for a spring wedding


Spring is one of the best seasons for a weeding because there are so many flowers from which you can choose from. And today we want to show you some beautiful bouquets that will make any bride look even more amazing. The flowers that you can choose … [Read more...]


19 amazing hairstyles for a romantic bride


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Beautiful and enchanting tree tunnels from around the globe


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Amazing cake pops bouquet designs


Cake pops are a great gift and a cute dessert for your kids, family and friends. They are easy to cook and they will be ready in no time! But here is an idea that you can use next time you need to make a decoration for your table at a party or even … [Read more...]


Spring decoration ideas for your home


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Beautiful miniature gardens


Not everybody has a big and beautiful garden but many of us love flowers and decorations. So a miniature garden is the perfect solution. Creating a miniature garden is very easy and after deciding on your favorite design, all you need are some … [Read more...]


The perfect autumn wedding (part 1)


Autumn weddings are the best! You want to know why? Well, it's because there are so many things that you can do and so many raw materials that you can use to decorate your venue. Also, by using natural materials and products you can not only cut the … [Read more...]


Creative autumn decorations for your garden


Autumn is here and she brought with her the beautiful colors and scents that we all love. The trees have changed their summer clothes and the sky is mostly grey, but this is no reason not to enjoy autumn. There are so many things that you can make … [Read more...]


The unknown benefits of linden tea


It is time for the linden to blossom, so if you get a chance pick some linden flowers, dry them and keep them for linden tea, given that it is good to drink linden tea for its many benefits. But not only the flowers are mentioned in the list of … [Read more...]


Grace Ciao – talented, creative, innovative


Imagination is one of the basic qualities of a designer. Without imagination any designer will fail to bring to the catwalk a collection that would impress and would influence the trends. One of the designers who turned to less conventional methods … [Read more...]