Beautiful floral manicures to wear this spring


Spring is here and if you are looking for a manicure that will show everybody just how must you love this season, then I have a great idea for you all: the floral manicure. You already know that flower print is already very popular so why not wear … [Read more...]


Beautiful floral dresses to wear this spring


In the spring and the summer time there is one piece of clothing that all women must have in their wardrobe: the floral dress. It is so easy to wear and to match and will help you create the perfect look that you can wear everywhere you go, from the … [Read more...]


How to wear a bomber jacket with style


There are some clothing pieces that every woman should have in their closet. The jacket is one of them. Jackets come in many colors, sizes, shapes and designs and some of the most popular are the leather jackets, the denim jackets or the trench … [Read more...]


Floral sneakers, the star of the 2015 spring


Spring is finally here so let's celebrate it by wearing floral clothes and accessories. From blouses to bracelets, from scarf to shoes, flowers can be found everywhere this season. If you are a sporty person, we suggest you buy a pair of floral … [Read more...]


5 hair accessories you must wear in 2015!

Classic hair accessories

We already know which are the trends for 2015 when it comes to clothing and shoes. We still wear leather jackets, boyfriend jeans and lace tops. And when it comes to shoes we know that this year we can't go wrong no matter what we choose, high heels … [Read more...]


Red & Black, the perfect combination for a perfect manicure


Looking for a beautiful and elegant manicure that will go great with a casual outfit or with an office one? Making classic combinations in the key to your success! We are always combining the black with white, but today we want to show you another … [Read more...]


Beautiful ornate floral watches


When it was invented, the watch was just a useful object that could tell us what is the time. But over the time, the watched has become a statement accessory that we wear not only for its utility but also for its beauty. Designers all over the … [Read more...]


Top 5 manicure trends of 2015

floral elements

A new year must be marked by a new look. If you do not have time or the courage to change your hairstyle, start with small things like nails. A great manicure can emphasize not only good taste, but also personality. Therefore, we will show you some … [Read more...]


Floating candle centerpiece


A¬†floating candle centerpiece can be used for many occasions, because is a very easy to create and also beautiful and stylish. To create a floating candle centerpiece you need round candles, water, flower petals or other little decorations and some … [Read more...]


Creative floral basket cakes


If you want to give a great present to your mother, grandmother, sister, wife or girlfriend but also you want to combine flowers with cake, then a creative floral basket cake is the best option. These cakes require some skills, so if you are not a … [Read more...]