10 essential aliments every woman should eat

Whole grains

Modern women are concerned with the safety,the nutrition, the daily diet or the ideal number of calories. And to have a healthy life here is a list of the essential foods that every woman should eat. 1. Broccoli: even though its taste is not the … [Read more...]


The Water Diet


The Water Diet is one of the latest discoveries in Hollywood. It is used in Japan and other Asian countries since ancient times. Back then it was not used for weight loss, but it was a way of life. It is known that since ancient times, women from … [Read more...]


The best four carbohydrates that will help you loose weight


Carbohydrates, the main source of energy, are not just pasta and sweets, but also some containing more fiber, good carbohydrates, which makes the fat layers to melt more easily. And the first of which you have to get rid belly fat. Here are these … [Read more...]


The Three Day Diet

There is a  one day diet, and is said to be very healthy, a diet for two days, which doctors say it's worth trying each week, so a three-day diet it's no surprise. The three days diet appears to be an effective diet, even if it's in the category of … [Read more...]


How to have a flat tummy

A recent  study made by a cosmetics company  has  revealed  that 40 % of the women interviewed admitted that they look at themselves naked in the mirror every day, 25% only once a week and 16% said that they never did that. When they  were  asked … [Read more...]