29 amazing crown tattoo designs


Tattoos are permanent and that's why you should think well before taking such a decision. But if you are sure about it, than we suggest you choose a designs that suits your personality. Little tattoos like butterflies, bows or feathers are simpler … [Read more...]


Full finger rings, trendy and cool


Fashion and jewelry designers always find new accessories and clothes to make us women and men, look fashionable and trendy. That's why I think today we should talk about the full finger rings, a very cool and fresh accessory that you can wear with … [Read more...]


Beautiful bow tattoos


Bows are absolutely adorable and can be worn on you clothes, on your shoes, in your hair or on your accessories! But how about wearing a bow on your skin? Yes we are talking about a bow tattoo. They are simply beautiful and elegant and chic and can … [Read more...]


Special finger tattoos

Tattoos are a great way to express your personality, style, hobbies and passions. You can choose between a big tattoo or a small one and it is all up to you where you want your tattoo to be placed. A tattoo can be colorful or black and white, it can … [Read more...]