6 leather jackets that you must wear this spring

Biker leather jacket

After all these years, leather jackets remain trendy and we see them over and over again in the fashion shows all around the world. And since the weather outside is changing, a leather jacket will not only keep you warm but will also give you a … [Read more...]


Spring denim check list: 5 items you must have!

Denim shirt fashion combination

Denim is the most popular fabric of this season so we want to show you 5 clothing items that you should most definitely wear in 2015! Don't be afraid to wear new things that you haven't tried before, because denim looks amazing in so many fashion … [Read more...]


Buy The Look (3) – Autumn romance


Red t shirt €10 - Black coat €19 - Frame Denim skinny jeans €20 - Cole Haan oxford shoes €110 - Warehouse gray purse €29 - Dangle … [Read more...]


10 cute Converse fashion combinations for women


Converse sneakers are some of the most popular sport shoes all around the globe. Women, men and kids wear them all the time, not only because they are comfortable but also look great in many fashion combinations. The best part about the converse … [Read more...]


Acrylic nails with simple rhinestones


If you have acrylic nails and you want to create a simple yet elegant manicure, we suggest you try one made with rhinestones. It's not only stylish but you can wear this type of manicure everywhere you go, even at school or at the office. We suggest … [Read more...]


Buy The Look (5) – Ready 4 Paris


Pink t shirt €10 - Big star jeans €130 - Kenneth cole reaction tote bag €65 - Invicta pink jewelry €78 - Carolee crystal jewelry €23 - Mint iphone … [Read more...]


Buy The Look (8) – Love my red


Pocket shirt €11 - High rise jean shorts €16 - Ollio ballet flat shoes €16 - Crossbody shoulder bag €13 - Long teardrop earrings €11 - Leather … [Read more...]


This spring wear a backpack!

Minimalist designs

The 90's fashion style has made a great comeback in the last years bringing back into the spotlight different clothes and accessories. One of those accessories is the backpack. Most of us we give the backpack a sport or a grunge air but lately, this … [Read more...]


Classy black and white bedroom ideas and designs


Do you want to create a special yet classy bedroom where you can spend time with your loved ones and feel amazing? Than we suggest you try a black and white design. Black and white has been such a beautiful and classic combination so why not use … [Read more...]


Lace blouses, the must have of 2015


With origins since the antiquity, lace is a material that will be very trendy in 2015. Lace blouses, made in series or embroidered by hand, delicate, meticulous, telling a story about femininity. Hundreds of designs and colors available on the market … [Read more...]