19 retro dining room designs that you must see


In the last years, the retro trend has become really popular and could be seen in many area from fashion to furniture. And when it comes to interior design, you can also use this trend to create beautiful, cool rooms. That's why today I want to show … [Read more...]


Rose Quartz and Serenity manicures to wear in 2016


The two colors that will be representing the year of 2016 according to Pantone, are Serenity (baby blue) and Rose Quartz (light pink). They are both beautiful, pastel colors that I am sure you all like and already wear, but next year they are a must. … [Read more...]


Leopard print nail art (tutorial + 15 chic designs)

Leopard print nail art

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Airbrush nails (ideas, tips and designs)


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Beautiful arrow tattoos


Are you thinking about getting a tattoo and you don't know what design to choose? If you want something that symbolizes ┬áthe power of moving on, than we suggest you go for an arrow tattoo. They are one of the most popular choices and all over the … [Read more...]


Stiletto manicure designs you must try this summer


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Old Hollywood glamour decor ideas for your home


If you like the glamour of the old Hollywood than you can bring it into your home with the help of some special decor ideas and designs. When we think about this concept, we think about style and luxury, so these are the two main elements that you … [Read more...]


Grey and yellow bathroom decor ideas


Grey and yellow are two colors that compliment each other very well and you can use all round the house. But we suggest you choose them when decorating your bathroom. Since there aren't many decoration that go in the bathroom, pick carefully. You … [Read more...]


23 beautiful wedding bouquets for a spring wedding


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14 cute monkey themed nursery designs for girls and boys


Choosing a theme for your baby's nursery can be hard but there are many ideas that could inspire you. Some of the most popular themes are the ones that have cute characters like owls and monkeys as the main focus so that can be a starting point for … [Read more...]