Hot this spring: crop top and full skirt. Here’s how to wear them + 20 chic outfits


If there is one item that all women should have in their closets, then that item would be a skirt. Skirts are perfect for the warm spring and summer days and they can be easily matched to other clothes you have in your wardrobe. From long to short, … [Read more...]


16 ways to wear the crop top with style


A few seasons ago, a new and interesting clothing item conquered the heart of fashion lovers all around the globe. And even though it's pretty tiny and really cute, many of us thought that it will disappear just as fast as it appeared. But the crop … [Read more...]


Stripes, always in fashion!

Wear your striped jacket with style!

Stripes are always in fashion, but more so in summer when we go on vacation thinking about sunny sunny beaches. The sea and the stripes go hand in hand, so don't shy away from wearing striped clothing items. Here are just a few of the striped clothes … [Read more...]


Sleeveless Turtleneck


The sleeveless turtleneck clothing is back in the fashion! Either you choose a blouse, a top, a dress they are all not only form fitting but also very comfortable and easy to wear and match. Any look will be complete with a sleeveless turtleneck … [Read more...]