Nautical inspired manicures to wear this summer

Nautical themed outfit

The nautical theme is very trendy this year, from clothes, to accessories and even to manicure and pedicure. Wearing this theme on your nails is the best way because you will be trendy and also have a great manicure. So what are the symbols of … [Read more...]


20 amazing wallpaper decor ideas for your living room


Are you planning to redecorate your living room and you want to make it look very different but you don't have to many financial resources? We suggest you try a wallpaper! Wallpapers have always been very popular but now there is an explosion of … [Read more...]


18 creative braids for short hair


Most of the time we imagine that braids are only suited for longer hair but hair stylists have proved this theory to be wrong! Just because your hair is shorter, that doesn't mean that you can not wear braids. There are many ideas and tutorials on … [Read more...]


Creative and low budget DIY garden pots ideas


Garden decorations can be very expensive so why don't you just make some yourself? All you need are some old recycled materials and objects and lot of imagination. For example, if your old flower potsĀ are broken, don't throw them away. Here is a … [Read more...]


French braid into a high ponytail


The french braid is a very popular hairstyle that you can wear at school, at work, at a party or at a get away with your friends. It's easy to create and it's a great hairstyle to try if you are in a hurry. And if this one of your favorite … [Read more...]


Creative decorations for the Easter eggs


There is only one week left until Easter so it's time to take care of the last details for the celebration. We already gave you some ideas on how you can decorate your home and your garden and the desserts you could serve at the Easter meal, and now … [Read more...]


19 creative packaging ideas you must see!


Most of us have certain standards when buying a product. Some are buying something because of the taste, others because of the brand, and some...some buy because the packaging of the products is simply awesome! Designers all around the globe are … [Read more...]


Creative food ideas from Nivea Salgado


Some of the kids are really picky eaters and whatever we do, they refuse to eat different food, especially fruits and vegetables. And this is what happened to Nivea Salgado. After her daughter Catarina stated to sleep well at night, she went from a … [Read more...]


Creative sculptures and statues from around the world

Mihai Eminescu, Onesti, Romania

When it comes to creativity, everywhere you go all around the globe you will find amazing statues and sculptures. Every one of these statues and sculptures tell a story and are there to remind us about an event that has marked the history. They … [Read more...]


Adorable Hello Kitty party ideas


Little girls just love Hello Kitty, the cartoon character from the series with the same name, so if you want to throw a party for your little you can choose the Hello Kitty theme. There are many ways to incorporate this adorable cat girl starting … [Read more...]