Pantone’s 2016 colors – Rose Quartz


At the beginning of every December, Pantone announces the color that is going to be represent the next year. In 2015, Marsala was a hit, and we got to see it everywhere from clothes to furniture. But in 2016, there are two colors that will set the … [Read more...]


Natural bathroom designs and ideas


Bathroom designs have become very intricate but if you don't like a room that is heavily decorated and very colorful, than you could choose a decorating concept that is called the natural bathroom. Of course, when you think about things that are … [Read more...]


Redecorating your bedroom? Here are the most trendy colors in 2015!

Mediterranean blue bedroom

If you want to redecorate your bedroom now at the beginning of the year, than you must know that there are some colors that you must use! So we made a list of the colors you can use in 2015 to create a beautiful and warm bedroom for you and your … [Read more...]


Marsala is the color of 2015!


It is known that every year, Pantone Institute choose one color for it to become a trendsetter in terms of colors used in various fields of aesthetics, from fashion design to interior decoration. If in 2014 we talked about orchid radiant, Marsala is … [Read more...]


UGG boots, are they still in the trends?

Ugg Boots models

The were declared "the ugliest shoes" of all time! It's no wonder considering that even their name, UGG is actually an abbreviation of the word "ugly". Although the UGG boots are not by far the most feminine shoes, we can not help it to renew our … [Read more...]


Knitted blouses, trendy and stylish!

Knitted Blouses are cool!

Knitted blouses fit very well on the body and highlight certain part of it. Not only they are a must in winter, but both fall and early spring, when outside is neither too hot nor too cold. Here's how to wear the knitted blouse in different types of … [Read more...]


Nike Air Max Thea running shoes for women


The Nike Air Max Thea are the perfect running shoes for women! They are not only very comfortable but also very feminine and trendy! Here are some of their qualities: they are synthetic they have rubber sole they are lighter than … [Read more...]


The colors of the autumn by Pantone Institute


At the beginning of each season, Pantone Institute reveals the colors that must be found in the wardrobe of each of us. Besides radiant purple orchid, the star color this year, in the Pantone catalog we find also intense shades of blue or red. So it … [Read more...]


The dissociated colors diet

The dissociated colors diet was invented by Dr. Willian Howard Hay in 1911 and therefore is called the Hay diet. Dr. Hay began his medical career in 1891 and after 16 years was diagnosed with Bright's disease (causing liver damage). From that moment, … [Read more...]


Jelly bags, fun and funky!


They are fresh, they are fun and they are cheap! Yes, they are the jelly bags! Some of you love them and some of you hate them, but they are still extremely popular with women around the globe! You can find them in many colors, shapes and sizes … [Read more...]