Adorable matching Mickey and Minnie Mouse mugs


Couples love to have matching things so that's why we want to show you these adorable coffee or tea mugs with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. These mugs are the perfect gift for your friends or your family, especially if they like Disney characters. You … [Read more...]


Unique coffee tables for a special decor

Vintage coffee table

Interior designers believe that even the smallest details matter when you decorate your home. But there are little things that we don't really pay attention at, like the coffee table. But it's time change that. Here are some unique coffee tables … [Read more...]


How to remove coffee stains from textiles and tableware


Whether you drink coffee or not accidents can happen anytime. Do not panic if you've made a coffee spot on your favorite piece of clothing, the new carpet in the room or on the festive tablecloth. Learn how to remove coffee stains from textiles or … [Read more...]


Amazing recycled tire ideas


Old tires can be such a problem if you need to get rid of them! But with just a little inspiration and imagination, you could recycle your old tires and transform them in some very nice accessories for your garden or even create a playground for the … [Read more...]


Creative coffee art

latte-art (1)

Who doesn't love coffee? Either we drink it at home with our family or at a restaurant with our friends, a coffee is always welcomed. But some people have taken coffee to another level, by transforming it into real art. These artists create … [Read more...]


Cute tea pots for a lovely morning


Every morning or afternoon when you are having your tea of coffee with your friends and family, you should serve it from on e of these cute tea pots, that will make everyone smile. They are not only cute but also practical and will surely be admired … [Read more...]


Couple mugs, the perfect present


Couple mugs are the perfect present for a couple, no matter how young or how old they are! Matching mugs are absolutely adorable and are sure to make a nice surprise! You can buy them from a local presents store or you can order them online, … [Read more...]


The manual coffee grinder


We all love it! It's the first thing we want in the morning and after we have it, we fell better and full of energy! Of course, you know I'm talking about coffee! Making the coffee is today a child's play, it's that easy! The coffee is already … [Read more...]


Five steps for having a day full of energy

Closeup of a happy young female looking in mirror after bath

An U.S study showed that 56% of the women are trying be get energized for the whole day by drinking coffee in the morning.┬áBut it seems that we can not leave all the heavy lifting to the caffeine, especially if drinking it is contraindicated by the … [Read more...]