Four miraculous oils for your beauty and health

Sea buckthorn oil

Vegetable or essential oils can be used¬†for aromatherapy¬† to treat various diseases or for skin care. Of the many existing oils, we chose some, true wonders of nature. Follow our advice and use it with confidence! Coconut oil It contains … [Read more...]


10 fruits ideal for your diet


Fruits contain sugar (even if it is natural sugar), some of them in an appreciable amount so they are not the best choice when you want to keep your silhouette. On the other hand there are at least 10 fruits ( that you can always have on hand, … [Read more...]


Three amazing and simple home made recipes for white teeth


When you hear about coconut oil, strawberries and bananas, you probably think of a delicious recipe for preparing any exotic desert. The truth is we will not talk about cakes, but about teeth whitening. Surely you heard about methods involving the … [Read more...]


Natural treatments for hair growth


The hair is considered, one of the attributes of femininity. We are proud of our hair and care for it as we know better, but sometimes we would like to grow faster. Indeed, stimulation of hair growth begins with ensuring the best possible … [Read more...]


The best natural body oils

Like the hair, the skin care requires consistent care. Otherwise, without a long-term care the skin loses its softness and therefore you lose one of the biggest advantages you have as a woman. No need to waste money on luxury beauty treatments … [Read more...]


Fractionated coconut oil

We all know that the coconut oil has a good effect on our health because it contains saturated fatty acids and it is rich in medium-chain fatty acids. Even though it's highly stable, people started to look to even more options in order to make it … [Read more...]


Extra virgin coconut oil


Even though for years the coconut oil was considered to be unhealthy because of its high saturated fat content, today it is described as a super food or the healthiest oil on earth. Coconut oil is actually saturated oil that has been used through … [Read more...]