Minnie and Mickey Mouse bedding sets


Either you are a child or an adult, you will surely love these adorable bedding with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. There are designs made for kids that will cheer up an entire room and will be the perfect accompaniment for other Minnie and Mickey related … [Read more...]


Cute sandwich ideas to try at home


Sandwiches are the perfect snacks for both kids and adults so why not have fun with them also? You can create tasty and cute meals for you and your loved ones with just a little imagination. You can transform any sandwich into a little piece of … [Read more...]


Creative food ideas from Nivea Salgado


Some of the kids are really picky eaters and whatever we do, they refuse to eat different food, especially fruits and vegetables. And this is what happened to Nivea Salgado. After her daughter Catarina stated to sleep well at night, she went from a … [Read more...]


Skateboard strollers

Longboard stroller

Living in the city can be difficult especially if you are one of those people who love to be out in the nature and exercise a lot. And if you also have kids, than you must know how important it is to spend a lot of time outside, playing and doing … [Read more...]


Modern bunk beds for kids


Having more than one kid can be difficult especially if you also have very little space for furniture. So the bunk beds are a very easy, nice and modern alternative. But don't think about those old, brown and kind of sad looking old bunk beds, but … [Read more...]


Creative bookshelves for a trendy living room


Trendy furniture is a must have and the creative bookshelves make a great addition to a modern living room. All you need is a little imagination or at least a vision of how you what your perfect living room to look. A creative bookshelf can take any … [Read more...]


Innovative children room designs

kids-room-design1 (1)

Kids grow up so fast and so does their need to have a special place where they can spend their time, a place to feel safe and a place that represents them. So creating a room for your kids can be a very difficult task . But the internet is filled … [Read more...]


Delicious pasta and tuna salad


Here is a great pasta and tuna salad that you can serve to all your family, including kids, because it's 100% natural and delicious. To make this salad you will need: 250 g pasta tuna in brine canned corn olives 1/2 green pepper 1 … [Read more...]


Slap cheek disease


The slap cheek disease or the fifth disease is a mild illness that is caused by the parvovirus B19. It usualy occurs in children aged 3-15 years old (but anyone can be affected) and it's infectious. The infection period is for 4-20 days before the … [Read more...]


Tooth Fairy pillow


The Tooth Fairy is one of the most loved fairies in the world! She's the one that gives little children money in exchange for their fallen teeth and brings a lot of joy to everyone. The tradition says that when a child loses a baby tooth, he or she … [Read more...]