Delicious and healthy tomato tart recipe


This tomato tart is the perfect recipe for a healthy meal. Here is what you need: 5 tomatoes 2 eggs 100 g  of cheese 250 g of cream pepper and salt For the dough you will need: 120 g cold butter  150 g flour 4 tablespoons cold … [Read more...]


Sliced baked potatoes with ham and cheese

Sliced baked potatoes recipe

To make sliced baked potatoes you will need: long shaped potatoes (good size) olive oil (to drizzle) cheese ham pepper onion Peel the potatoes (if you want to) and slice them without separating the slices from the potato. Add onion, … [Read more...]


Tomato tart recipe


Tomato tart is a delight, is a salty cake. It's great for dinner or for the lunch bags to take at work, and is just as hot or cold. Ingredients for the dough:   200 grams of butter   400 grams of flour   100 grams of Parmesan cheese   1 … [Read more...]


7 foods for a nourishing diet


A list of nourishing and healthy food is ideal during January, when we all want to keep a diet after the winter holidays. To keep the feeling of fullness for longer, thereby reducing the number of calories, you need to eat some foods that … [Read more...]


Delicious baked cauliflower (recipe)


Cauliflower is a big bouquet of flowers! Flowers from which you can make the best food. Baked cauliflower is a great dish, you should try it. It easy to make, delicious and very healthy. Ingredients: A large cauliflower Three tablespoons of … [Read more...]


Zucchini with bacon and cheese (recipe)

Zucchini with bacon and cheese

Looking for a zucchini recipe that is very easy to cook but is still very delicious and healthy? We propose you try the zucchini and bacon recipe. Here is what you need: 2-3 zucchini 1-2 tomatoes 200 g cheese 200 g bacon 1 small … [Read more...]