Knitted blouses, trendy and stylish!

Knitted Blouses are cool!

Knitted blouses fit very well on the body and highlight certain part of it. Not only they are a must in winter, but both fall and early spring, when outside is neither too hot nor too cold. Here's how to wear the knitted blouse in different types of … [Read more...]


Trendy and elegant Chanel bracelets


If you want to be trendy, modern and elegant than you must have at least one Chanel bracelet! Either it's made from leather, gold, silver or pearls, the Chanel bracelets have taken over the world and everybody want to have one. You can easily see … [Read more...]


Beautiful and immaculate Chanel nail polish


Chanel is such a popular brand and women all around the globe use their products on a daily basis. Of course when you say Chanel you think about elegance, style and beauty and that's they way a woman has to be everyday. The Chanel nail polish is … [Read more...]