Purple Pandora bracelet


If your favorite jewelry piece is the bracelet, than we suggest next you go shopping, to purchase a purple Pandora bracelet. It's not only elegant and chic, but also it goes well with any type of outfit. To make sure the bracelet fits your … [Read more...]


20 chic watches you must wear this spring!


The watch has become more than a simple object that shows us the time, but a true jewelry piece that we match to our clothes and accessories. That's why designers from the most prestigious watch companies are trying to bring new models in order to … [Read more...]


Studded flats, the must have of this spring


This year it's all about looking edgy and punk but still have style, so why not wear a pair of studded flats? Flats are some of the most comfortable shoes but they can become a fashion statement if you choose the right pair. Studded flats are a … [Read more...]


TRIANGL swimsuit, a must have in 2015


Even though the summer is still far, we should start thinking about our vacation, like where should we go and what swimsuit are we going to wear! We still have time to get into our best shape so we suggest you try one of these diet: The cucumber … [Read more...]


Heart shaped rings, the symbol of love


Since Lady Gaga has received a beautiful heart shaped engagement ring, women all around the world dream to have one too! And how could we not? Not only they are beautiful and represent true love, but they will also look amazing on your hand and will … [Read more...]


10 Maybelline Eyeshadow Palettes that you should try this spring

Maybelline make-up products

Spring is almost here so it's time to refresh our look! First we should start by adding new make-up products like mascaras, liners and of course a new eyeshadow palette that suits your eyes! When buying products for your face and eyes especially, … [Read more...]


Why should you use coconut oil


Coconut oil is considered a miracle of nature for its amazing qualities. In addition coconut successfully replaces other products used in the household, as a more affordable alternative for healthy food and personal care. Coconut oil is ideal for … [Read more...]


The baby bottle sling, a great help for busy parents


Today we have a great recommendation for you all new parents out there: the baby bottle sling! It's such a great investment  and it will help you a lot especially when you are busy or you have more than one baby. The baby bottle sling is designed … [Read more...]


Cool houses for cool cats


Cats are the perfect pets, because they are loving and independent. But if you really love your cat than you must make sure you create their own little space, where they can feel safe and comfortable. You can do this by buying them special cat … [Read more...]


Lace blouses, the must have of 2015


With origins since the antiquity, lace is a material that will be very trendy in 2015. Lace blouses, made in series or embroidered by hand, delicate, meticulous, telling a story about femininity. Hundreds of designs and colors available on the market … [Read more...]