Adorable M&M mugs that will make you smile

M&M characters

M&M is a very well known candy brand and people all around the globe love eating them. But it's not all about the candies! The characters that advertise them are so funny and popular that now you can find many things to buy, that have the shape … [Read more...]


22 amazing auburn brown hairstyles to try in 2015


Spring is here so it's time to change your hairstyle! Either you choose a new haircut or you simply change the color of your hair, we suggest you try something new and trendy. Hairstylists have proposed many new ideas for 2015 and one of them is the … [Read more...]


Modern and elegant baby girl nurseries


Having a baby girl on the way? If you are done doing all the shopping then it's time to start working on the nursery! Here are some things that you should consider: what color should the room have. should we also paint different images on the … [Read more...]


Elegant bathroom designs and ideas


The bathroom is a very important room, where we spend a fair amount of time every day. That's why we should personalize this space after our style and personality. Today we want to show you some design ideas on how you can create an elegant … [Read more...]


Five makeup trends you must try in 2015!

Earthy shades

Even if the winter is still here, we should start thinking about spring. And of course spring means chic and casual outfits! But no outfit is complete without a great makeup! So here are the five makeup trends that you should try in 2015. Blue … [Read more...]


Hair color trends for 2015


Do you want to change the color of the hair next year, but do not know what hair colors  will be worn in 2015? Surely in such moments you wish you can sneak backstage at fashion shows and see the new trends in hairstyle. Well, we come to your help … [Read more...]


Beautiful turquoise bedroom designs


Turquoise is a beautiful, bold color that will look amazing in a room like the living room or the bedroom. You can create a beautiful turquoise bedroom by painting the walls or by choosing turquoise furniture and accessories. You can combine the … [Read more...]


Amazing brown nail art


This autumn let's go back to the roots and embrace the nature and the beautiful colors that she gives us. Brown is the color of the earth and of the trees so we can not be closer to the nature, than by wearing this color everywhere we go. For today … [Read more...]


Outfit of the Day (September 12, 2014)

Ready for the weekend!

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Matte lipstick – the star of the 2014 autumn


Matte lipsticks have become a beauty obsession, so it would be a shame not to take advantage and of the star of autumn 2014. The texture and composition were improved and now they are creamy and moisturizes the lips withstanding several … [Read more...]