Knitted blouses, trendy and stylish!

Knitted Blouses are cool!

Knitted blouses fit very well on the body and highlight certain part of it. Not only they are a must in winter, but both fall and early spring, when outside is neither too hot nor too cold. Here's how to wear the knitted blouse in different types of … [Read more...]


Three autumn makeup ideas

Natural eyebrows

Autumn is finally here, and with it a new season where we have to reinvent ourselves. We have just changed the summer wardrobe for the autumn one, will have to change and our look from a summer one to the one with autumnal colors, warm and … [Read more...]


Colorful makeup ideas

Sexy Makeup Idea

The colors make our lives happier and prettier! So let's just not wear them on our clothes but also in our makeup. This season the vibrant colors are very appreciated when it comes to the makeup and we see more and more extravagant ideas from the … [Read more...]