The perfect autumn wedding (part 1)


Autumn weddings are the best! You want to know why? Well, it's because there are so many things that you can do and so many raw materials that you can use to decorate your venue. Also, by using natural materials and products you can not only cut the … [Read more...]


Bridal fishtail braid updo


The fishtail has become one of the most popular braided hairstyles around the globe and we can see why! The end result is so pretty and stylish and you can wear it everywhere you go, in the day and in the evening. But the braided fishtail also goes … [Read more...]


Gorgeous bride hair updo


We all want to look amazing on our wedding day and the hair it's a very important part of our bridal look. Lately many brides choose to arrange their hair in an elegant bun and to add chic accessories like flowers and tiaras. The hair updo is an … [Read more...]


Romantic Bun Bridal Hair Style


If you are getting ready for the most special day of your life when you are going to be a bride, than you know just how many details must be sorted out. The dress, the shoes, the cake, the food, and so on but most of all you must think about your … [Read more...]


Stylish short wedding dresses


The season of weddings is here so if you are having an autumn wedding you might consider buying a short wedding dress, especially if the weather outside is still warm. Many brides don't buy a short wedding dress because they think it is too … [Read more...]


10 Makeup Ideas For a Modern Bride


If you want to be a modern bride then you have to choose only modern accessories for your wedding day look! One of the most important thing is the makeup you  will wear and the way you arrange your hair. Here are some makeup ideas that can inspire … [Read more...]


Outfit of the Day (January 30, 2014)


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Outfit of the Day (January 29, 2014)


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Blue Manicure Designs


If you like the color blue, then you are going to love these amazing blue inspired manicures! You can use a simple blue nail polish or combine it with other beautiful complementary colors like white, orange, pink or orange. Also, blue can be used in … [Read more...]


Beautiful white manicures


If you like white  and you wear it all the time in your clothes, then you definitely needs to match the manicure with your outfit. You can choose a simple manicure with white nail polish over to give a layer of varnish to not look too matte, or you … [Read more...]