17 Christmas wreaths ideas and designs


Winter is finally here and the holidays are on their way! I bet you've already started decorating your home, ready to receive your friends and family and celebrate together. If you are a handy person you should check our our DIY Christmas decoration … [Read more...]


Cute converse with bows


Shoes are such an important part of our everyday life and they can make or break an outfit! That's why we should buy only the shoes that fit our style, personality and figure! Also we have to pay attention to ow we match our clothes, shoes and … [Read more...]


Bun with Bows hairstyles

Buns and Bows

If there are two things that go really good together, they are bows and buns! You can wear a bun anywhere you go, from the office to a party, this hairstyle will never go out of trends. Adding a nice, colorful bow will make your bun look even more … [Read more...]


3D Nail Art Designs


If you want your nails to look amazing and be admired by everyone, than the 3D nail art is exactly what you need! If some years ago, the nails weren't getting to much attention, today they are a very popular subject. Creative manicurists have … [Read more...]