Beautiful and chic bags with bows from Kate Spade


The bags from Kate Spade are very popular all around the globe! Not only they are elegant and chic, but you can also wear them with many, many outfits. Some of them are really pricey but you can also find some that all women can afford. There are … [Read more...]


Cute converse with bows


Shoes are such an important part of our everyday life and they can make or break an outfit! That's why we should buy only the shoes that fit our style, personality and figure! Also we have to pay attention to ow we match our clothes, shoes and … [Read more...]


Chic bow back shirts


The Bow Back Shirts have become very popular lately and we can see the reason why: they are simply adorable! These shirts are very easy to wear and match to a more casual outfit and you can take them everywhere you go, to a party, to the beach or in … [Read more...]


Cute Wedge Shoes with Bows


Wedge shoes are adorable and so easy to wear and match to any outfit. The wedge shoes can come in many shapes like sandals, sneakers or elegant shoes, so you must have at least one pair of wedge shoes in your wardrobe. But if you also add little … [Read more...]


Bow nails designs


Autumn is here and the weather is not so happy! So why don't we create our own little happiness by wearing cute and colorful nails! Bow nails are a great alternative to simple nails, and they are very simple to make. All you need is a a transparent … [Read more...]


Adorable bow mini cakes


Preparing for a party is not easy but if you want to have a dessert that will wow everybody, than you must make or buy some bow mini cakes! Not only they are adorable, but they can be created by using any cake recipe you want. So either you like … [Read more...]


Cute Flat Bow Sandals


Even though autumn is here, the nice weather outside still allows us to wear summer shoes like sandals and flats. This summer the flat bow sandals have been a hit, because they are very cute and trendy and go well with summer outfits like skirts, … [Read more...]


Trendy bags to wear at school


The summer holiday is almost over and school is almost here. If you haven't bought your school supplies and school bag for this school year, we have chosen some bags that you can easily wear both at school but also in your free time. When buying a … [Read more...]