The many benefits of the cinnamon

The cinnamon is great for your health!

Cinnamon was the star of the holiday table in the Middle Ages: it fragrance the wine goblets, ennoble the sweet sauces and offers a tantalizing taste to any steak. And it is also known for the excellent antibacterial properties. Here are some other … [Read more...]


Winter beauty guide


In winter, you can fight the cold with proper care. Hydration is the key, so take time to pamper every part of your body! Health for your hair Your hair can regain its radiance, if you apply once a week a repairing mask prepared from a banana, … [Read more...]


The inflence of calcium, zinc and magnesium on our body


Deficiencies in the balance of minerals in the body may have more pronounced effects on your mood in winter. Proper functioning of organs and tissues requires a daily intake of macro and trace minerals, so it is important to know the effects of … [Read more...]