Hair color trends for 2015


Do you want to change the color of the hair next year, but do not know what hair colors ¬†will be worn in 2015? Surely in such moments you wish you can sneak backstage at fashion shows and see the new trends in hairstyle. Well, we come to your help … [Read more...]


Modern highlights for blonde hair


If you have blonde hair and you want a change, highlights are a great choice. Today we are going to show you some highlights ideas that go perfectly with blonde hair, without making it look bad or over the top. A good advice is to talk to a … [Read more...]


How to dress according to your skin tone and hair color

Dress to impress!

Every shade of skin and hair color has a selection of colors that makes them look even more beautiful. If you keep that in mind you will look perfect on every occasion, so learn how to dress according to the color of the hair and your skin. To … [Read more...]


Four natural ways to have a perfect blonde hair

Be natural and pretty!

Blond hair is one of the desires of many women. We know there are a lot of methods to get blonde hair, some more costly and more risky than others. If you have a your hair a darker shade , there is no need to resort to cosmetic products that will … [Read more...]