The benefits of rosehip oil


Using natural beauty products is a must have, especially if you think about all the chemicals that go into all our face and body daily creams and makeup products. That's why we want to tell you more about one product that works miracles on both your … [Read more...]


The healthiest snacks to eat between meals


Between meals we prefer to eat something sweet, but here are some healthy snacks that you should consider. Instead of a cake we recommend some natural and tasty treats! And when we say healthy snacks we talk about walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds, that … [Read more...]


The benefits of Himalayan pink salt

Himalayan pink salt

Himalayan pink salt is a pure, uncontaminated and manually extracted salt. It is a great alternative to regular salt because it contains many minerals. The pink color comes from its iron concentration. When iron oxidizes, salt changes color, varying … [Read more...]


The many benefits of the pine nuts


Pine nuts have valuable therapeutic properties and are recommended in the treatment and prevention of many diseases. They can be harvested in May or can be purchased in herbal stores. From pine nuts you can make teas, syrups and tinctures, but can be … [Read more...]


The diet that makes you younger


Sitting on the couch and eating everything we like will never help us loose those extra pounds. But with some will and some effort, we could live a healthy life and have a great body. Food is so important in our lives so it's no wonder that it … [Read more...]


Why should we eat more whole grains


Believe it or not, cereals are your best friend! No, we are not talking about the ones you buy in a pretty, colorful box from your supermarket, but about the natural and healthy ones known as whole grains. They are not as tasty or good looking as … [Read more...]


The benefits of black pepper

Eat more black pepper!

The pepper is a source of flavor and a real medicine. Adding pepper in food is already a reflex, often without having to be aware of its effects on our health. Black pepper is the most common of spices and also a natural antibiotic, source of … [Read more...]


Curry, the wizard ingredient you should have in your kitchen

Curry ingredients

Curry gets its name from kari that in Tamil, means sauce for rice. The curry  that we know it is a mixture invented by British settlers in India to have ready a spice that resembles the taste and aroma of their spices. Curry powder is often used … [Read more...]


Why should you drink more water every day

Drink more water!

Hydration is a key ingredient for health and must not be neglected! Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise it will help you maintain your physical condition. Many people take care of this aspect only in summer, but it is important to take … [Read more...]


The many benefits of the cinnamon

The cinnamon is great for your health!

Cinnamon was the star of the holiday table in the Middle Ages: it fragrance the wine goblets, ennoble the sweet sauces and offers a tantalizing taste to any steak. And it is also known for the excellent antibacterial properties. Here are some other … [Read more...]