Old Hollywood glamour decor ideas for your home


If you like the glamour of the old Hollywood than you can bring it into your home with the help of some special decor ideas and designs. When we think about this concept, we think about style and luxury, so these are the two main elements that you … [Read more...]


Super cool bedroom designs for boys


Creating the perfect room for your little boy might seem difficult but with a little bit of imagination, you can put together a space that you kid will love. First of all you should choose the theme of the room and the colors. Just ask your boy … [Read more...]


Hello Kitty bedroom designs and ideas


If you have a little girl and you want to create the perfect room for her, than we have a great idea for you: go with Hello Kitty. This adorable cartoon character is very popular around the globe and your little girl surely loves it also. There … [Read more...]


Classy black and white bedroom ideas and designs


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Retro decor ideas and designs for your home


We often hear: in with the new and out with the old! But not all of us agree with this. And the trends seem to also not agree. In the last years, the retro style has made such a big comeback, not only in fashion but also when it comes to interior … [Read more...]


Redecorating your bedroom? Here are the most trendy colors in 2015!

Mediterranean blue bedroom

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Beautiful turquoise bedroom designs


Turquoise is a beautiful, bold color that will look amazing in a room like the living room or the bedroom. You can create a beautiful turquoise bedroom by painting the walls or by choosing turquoise furniture and accessories. You can combine the … [Read more...]


Beautiful white bedrooms


White is the color of peace and relaxation. That's why you must bring it, one way or another, in your bedroom. Here are some ideas of how you can create a beautiful white bedroom: paint your walls in white use white bedding put on white … [Read more...]


Eleven black and white bedrooms you will want to have


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Ten modern 2014 Ikea bedrooms

Cozy Modern Bedroom Design

While Ikea is launching their new catalog for the 2015 collection, lets talk about the amazing ideas that the Ikea designers have offered us for 2014. We do spend a lot of time in our bedroom, and that's why it's very important that the furniture we … [Read more...]