This summer wear the straw bag with style


We are in the middle of the summer so we still have plenty of time to go to the beach and get some tan. But before leaving, we must have our beach bag ready. So what should we put in it? The swimsuit, sunscreen, a hat and a towel and we are ready to … [Read more...]


27 cozy cottages designs from around the world


We all dream about having the perfect house but there are some people out there that have transformed their dream into reality and build some amazing houses. Either they are made of wood or stone, the cozy cottages that we are going to show you are … [Read more...]


Would you live in a pink house?


Pink! Is the color that almost everybody loves and also the one that many hate! So would you live in a house that is painted in pink? Some of them are even made to look like the houses we can see in cartoons or movies, so they look pretty … [Read more...]