Old Hollywood glamour decor ideas for your home


If you like the glamour of the old Hollywood than you can bring it into your home with the help of some special decor ideas and designs. When we think about this concept, we think about style and luxury, so these are the two main elements that you … [Read more...]


22 rugs and mats designs for your bathroom


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13 elegant purple bathroom designs


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Redecorating your bathroom? Here are the main trends of 2015!

Natural beauty

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Black and white bathroom ideas and designs


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Colorful bathroom accessories


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Bathroom storage ideas


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Colorful bathrooms for every taste


The bathroom is the place where we spend a fair amount of time, so decorating it with things that reflect our personality is very important. A colorful bathroom says a lot about you, like the fact that you love colors, you are a happy and optimistic … [Read more...]