29 amazing crown tattoo designs


Tattoos are permanent and that's why you should think well before taking such a decision. But if you are sure about it, than we suggest you choose a designs that suits your personality. Little tattoos like butterflies, bows or feathers are simpler … [Read more...]


The perfect bras for a backless dress


Dresses with bare back are a good choice, but also require more effort when it comes to the underwear that you wear underneath, especially the bra. As there are many models on the market, we thought we'd show you 4 types of bra you can wear with a … [Read more...]


Plaid jackets for a colorful winter

Colorful plaids jackets

Winter is not all about quilted jackets or ┬áblack thick coats that will make you get lost in the dull landscape. How about if you refresh your wardrobe with some clothes that have a plaid print? Such a print will add instant chic to your … [Read more...]


Chic bow back shirts


The Bow Back Shirts have become very popular lately and we can see the reason why: they are simply adorable! These shirts are very easy to wear and match to a more casual outfit and you can take them everywhere you go, to a party, to the beach or in … [Read more...]


Beautiful bow tattoos


Bows are absolutely adorable and can be worn on you clothes, on your shoes, in your hair or on your accessories! But how about wearing a bow on your skin? Yes we are talking about a bow tattoo. They are simply beautiful and elegant and chic and can … [Read more...]


Ten beautiful long sleeve mermaid wedding dresses


Mermaid wedding dresses are some of the most popular dresses in the world. Of course you have to have a perfect waist in order to wear this type of dress but if you do, a mermaid dress is the perfect fit for you. Mermaid wedding dresses have been … [Read more...]


Back to school casual fashion combinations


There are just a few weeks and the schools will open their gates once again for students around the world. The school is a very serious institution so when you choose the clothes to wear not only on this important day but every day of school you must … [Read more...]