6 steps for a beautiful, healthy skin

Middle-aged woman in bathroom looking at mirror

We have many reasons to enjoy the warm season, but also many changes have to be made. How about we start with some skin care? All women know how important it is to take care of their body and here are some great advice that the beauty specialists are … [Read more...]


How to protect your skin in the summer time


You can enjoy the summer sun and using daily sunscreen products. Here's what experts recommend:  Apply on the face every day a moisturizer with sun protection factor between 10 and 15. You will be protected from freckles, sun spots, … [Read more...]


8 secrets for healthy face skin


Do you want to have a perfect skin? Then you must know that skin perfection depends on just eight little secrets. It must be said that these eight little secrets are useful no matter what skin type you have and whatever your age is. So here they … [Read more...]


5 things that we should learn from vegetarians


It seems that most of us just can not give up meat. Some of us though, try to cut back a little and even take part in world wide campaigns like Meatless Monday, in which one day every week you don't eat meat. Still there are many people who gave up … [Read more...]


All you need to know about the dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is cool! (Photo by Bek Andersen)

In recent years, experts in the field of beauty have released a lot of new products. In terms of hair care, dry shampoo is one of the most interesting and useful inventions. Here's all you need to know about dry shampoo. Basic … [Read more...]


Give power to the thin hair


Thin hair is fragile, difficult to style and does not last long when being shaped or curled. Here's how to give strength thin hair. When you have thin hair, it's a challenge to keep all day the volume obtained by styling. In addition, you often … [Read more...]


How to accessorize your favorite jeans

It can be quite complicated to find a pair of jeans that will hide your little imperfections. And when you do find it, a new question arises: what to accessorize it with? Hopefully the ideas below will help you decide. 1. Emphasize your … [Read more...]