Hello Kitty Nail Art


Nail art has exploded in the last years, and the artist are so creative and talented! They can make anything and everything and they can transform your nails from simply boring to really amazing with just some nail polish! If you are a big admirer … [Read more...]


3D Minnie and Mickey Mouse Nails


If you are a big fan of the Disney characters Minnie and Mickey Mouse and you just can't get enough of these two cute mice, than why not wear them on your nails! That's a great way to take them and your passion everywhere you go! We all know that … [Read more...]


3D Nail Art Designs


If you want your nails to look amazing and be admired by everyone, than the 3D nail art is exactly what you need! If some years ago, the nails weren't getting to much attention, today they are a very popular subject. Creative manicurists have … [Read more...]