The benefits of black pepper

Eat more black pepper!

The pepper is a source of flavor and a real medicine. Adding pepper in food is already a reflex, often without having to be aware of its effects on our health. Black pepper is the most common of spices and also a natural antibiotic, source of … [Read more...]


10 essential aliments every woman should eat

Whole grains

Modern women are concerned with the safety,the nutrition, the daily diet or the ideal number of calories. And to have a healthy life here is a list of the essential foods that every woman should eat. 1. Broccoli:¬†even though its taste is not the … [Read more...]


Why should you drink more water every day

Drink more water!

Hydration is a key ingredient for health and must not be neglected! Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise it will help you maintain your physical condition. Many people take care of this aspect only in summer, but it is important to take … [Read more...]


Get rid of the belly fat in 5 simple steps!

Woman taking measurements of her body on blurry background

Belly fat is extremely harmful and can be the cause of some of the most serious diseases, from diabetes and liver problems to metabolic sufferings. Here's how to get rid of the belly fat in five easy steps. 1. Exercise: The best is jogging and … [Read more...]


The many benefits of the cinnamon

The cinnamon is great for your health!

Cinnamon was the star of the holiday table in the Middle Ages: it fragrance the wine goblets, ennoble the sweet sauces and offers a tantalizing taste to any steak. And it is also known for the excellent antibacterial properties. Here are some other … [Read more...]


Five tips for a great breakfast


If one of your biggest wishes is to have a more healthy life style, than you should know that the first step in this direction is to start eating breakfast every morning. We know that there are many things to do in the morning but you shouldn't skip … [Read more...]


Why should you use coconut oil


Coconut oil is considered a miracle of nature for its amazing qualities. In addition coconut successfully replaces other products used in the household, as a more affordable alternative for healthy food and personal care. Coconut oil is ideal for … [Read more...]


Homemade shampoo recipe, ready in 5 minutes


Homemade cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular, as more people understand how harmful are the chemicals found in the products on the market. The truth is that it's not complicated to make, for example, a face cream, lip balm or a homemade body … [Read more...]


7 foods you should eat for a healthy life


If you want to have a healthy life, then you should ensure that your diet is balanced. We are accustomed to certain food categories, tasty but less healthy, and we ignore the ones with real health benefits. Here are some good foods that you should … [Read more...]


5 seeds you must eat every day

Flax seed

They are full of dietary fiber, protein, iron and especially healthy fats. So why do don't you throw them over anything your cook? Whether salads, smoothies, omelets or baked foods - use them fully, like the nutrition experts recommend you. 1. … [Read more...]