Coffee cup cake ideas to try at home


Looking for a special cake design for somebody who really loves drinking coffee? We suggest you try one of the adorable coffee cup cake? It will be a great surprise and you can even make more of them so that all the guests can have their own little … [Read more...]


25 Easter cupcake ideas you must try this year


This Easter you must serve as a dessert some adorable Easter cupcakes! They are easy to make and will be the star of your party. There are so many cute models that you can make at home, like rabbits, birds and nests that you fill with little … [Read more...]


Delicious and healthy tomato tart recipe


This tomato tart is the perfect recipe for a healthy meal. Here is what you need: 5 tomatoes 2 eggs 100 g  of cheese 250 g of cream pepper and salt For the dough you will need: 120 g cold butter  150 g flour 4 tablespoons cold … [Read more...]


Homemade coconut truffles recipe


The homemade coconut candies are a perfect dessert for everybody! You can make this recipe anytime you need something sweet but you don't have to much time. Here is what you need: 250 grams of grinded coconut 200 ml of sweetened condensed … [Read more...]


One can of corn, four amazing recipes

An ear of corn isolated on a white background

We usually use the canned corn for salads, but here are 4 great recipes that are made with the help of this ingredient. Which one would you like to try? 1. Spicy stew The ingredients are: 3 tablespoons of canned corn 500 g minced meat … [Read more...]


Eiffel Tower themed cake ideas


Don’t you just adore Paris? It is called the city of love for some reason, you know? Many couples visit this romantic place every year and many of them decide to get married will visiting Paris. And for some, the city is just the perfect get away … [Read more...]


Angry Birds food art ideas you can make at home


Angry Birds have become in the last years some of the most popular characters from a game, with both children and adults as their biggest fans. So it's no wonder that we see these adorable little faces everywhere, from toys to tops, to backpacks and … [Read more...]


Apple or pineapple salad? Two recipes you must try!

Apples are delicious and healthy!

The apple salad and the pineapple salad are two very tasty treats that you can eat just like that or you can serve them as a side. Here are the recipes. Apple salad This salad is a great surprise. The combination of fresh apples, herbs, … [Read more...]


Warm beets and mushrooms salad


This salad you can serve it as a main course, an aperitif or just as a salad, we guarantee it's delicious! Here are the ingredients: 3 suitable beets 500 g fresh mushrooms 1 onion 2 cloves of garlic 1 lemon parsley salt and … [Read more...]


Amazing cake pops bouquet designs


Cake pops are a great gift and a cute dessert for your kids, family and friends. They are easy to cook and they will be ready in no time! But here is an idea that you can use next time you need to make a decoration for your table at a party or even … [Read more...]